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Kevin Meinhardt is passionate about pianos.

I have been a piano tuner for years now and most of my clients are surprised to hear why I love to do it so much.
I only believe in only one thing when it comes to piano tuning, make the instrument sound the best it possibly can.

Many tuners will just tune your piano to a set temperament and walk away. Not me. I understand that every piano is unique and each key, each harmony, every chord has to sound perfect. I

Kevin offers services ranging from piano tuning, to minor repairs, including stuck keys (double-striking keys), string replacements, polishing and refinishing, dusting, and cleaning. A piano must be maintained in order to preserve its character and life. A piano that is not tuned and serviced regularly will fall into disrepair.

A piano tuner needs the accuracy of a machine and the finesse of a master craftsman. You will find both in Kevin Meinhardt.

Your Piano.. Services

Standard Tuning

Most manufacturers and professionals recommend that a piano should be tuned once or twice a year. A properly maintained piano will bring joy to your household for years to come. 

Minor Repairs

I have experience handling minor piano repairs from sticking keys to soundboard cleaning and much more. I quote pricing for repairs on-site. 


Professional Background

I trained under Robert Treadway, one of the most respected and notable piano service technicians in the Houston Area. Robert has been tuning my family's baby grand since I was young and I always wanted to know how the process worked. Eventually Robert started showing me how to tune and eventually offered to train me. Now I tune Pianos part time and enjoy offering top quality service to my clients.

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Service Area

Located in the heart of the City of Houston, Kevin services all of the inner loop and can travel to the entire Southeast Texas Region including:

Spring, Klein, Cypress, Tomball, Magnolia, Hockley, Waller, Kingwood, Humble, Woodlands, Clear Lake, League City, and Conroe.

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Beth H.
18d ago

Excellent job. Professional and well done!

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Need Some Help?

The Pitch isn't perfect.

How do I know if my piano needs tuning?

Does your piano sound kind of flat? Maybe the harmonies are not consistent across the action, or you notice an octave doesn't quite sound like an octave. If you hear the old time'y saloon piano sound, then your piano is probably out of tune.

Tuning Schedule

How often should I tune my piano?

Pianos should be tuned at least once a year, but you might not know why.

Regular changes in temperature and humidity expand and contract piano strings eventually causing them to loose their tune.
Even if you never played your piano, within a year the strings would have lost enough tension to require a yearly tuning.

I don't know...

Do I really need to tune my piano every year?

A piano that goes without tuning regularly is like a body that goes without stretching and exercise. Pianos have over 9,000 moving parts that all depend on each other to work in perfect harmony.

Tuned piano strings hold a precise amount of tension across the soundboard that if left in disrepair can affect other parts of the pianos performance. Regular tuning and maintenance is the best way to keep your piano in good repair for decades, if not centuries.

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