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About Your Piano Service

My Name Is Kevin and I'm a Piano Tuner.

I've been professionaly serving the greater houston area's piano tuning needs for over 4 years, but my story starts way before then.

I trained under Robert Treadway, one of the most respected and notable piano service technicians in the Houston Area. Robert tuned our family's baby grand when I was a kid and each time he opened his brown leather brief case my curiosity for the craft grew stronger. 

One day Robert noticed this stringy kid staring at him work and he offered to show me the ropes. I began as an apprentice, assisting Treadway (as I called him) with his piano tunings, learning proper regulation techniques and understanding the art of setting a temperament.

Eventually I was being sent off on my own piano tuning missions, and it did not start out easy. My first piano tuning took 4 hours to complete and Robert had to come help me set the pins. I've come a long way since then.

How I Went from a Novice Technician to Owning a Successful Business

I've been practicing the craft of piano tuning for over 5 years now and I can tell you there is truth to the phrase "practice makes perfect" and it applies well beyond the skill of playing the piano. With each new challenge my skill grew, and now I can proudly say I've tuned for some of Houston's most prominent institutions including:

  • The City of Houston (community centers)
  • Houston First Corp.
  • Houston Community College
  • The Incarnate Word Academy (Downtown)
  • George R. Brown Convention Center
  • Hayatt Hotel (Galleria)
  • The Vivaldi Music Academy
  • Rockin'Robin'Music Lessons
  • Pasadena ISD
  • Houston ISD

I've also built a loyal community of customers who continue to hire me because I offer what other tuners don't. Responsive and Timely Service. Passion for my work. The highest quality results. If you request pricing for a piano tuning, you can expect to hear from me immediately, or within 1 hour if I'm with a client. I keep an open schedule and book clients at the first available spot, no waiting around. I approach each piano with the singular goal, leave it sounding the best it possibly can. Each piano is unique and requires individual attention. I give 110% to each job and settle for nothing less than the best.

What Sets Your Piano Service Above the Rest?

The happiest feeling for me is to leave a client's home hearing them play their piano. The music sounds sweeter knowing that I helped them acheive the beauty of a perfectly tuned machine. I love tuning pianos for people who haven't played in a while and are trying to get back into the art. I love tuning pianos for parents and grandparents whose children and grandchildern are just begining their journey of learning to play the piano. I love tuning pianos for seasoned players and organizations who bring the joy of music to their communities. Restoring a piano that has seen better days is pretty enjoyable too.

My promise to you is that I will bring the best out of your machine, and hopefully bring you closer to the bliss that only the sound of a piano can bring.